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Creative Reuse Ideas For Old Maps

You’ve probably seldom given any thought to the many worn and unused maps lying around your house. You or your parents might have made use of them when the GPS and Internet were not as easily accessible. These maps are still valuable though; think of them as artifacts. For this reason, it becomes important to put them to use once again whenever you can. You’ll be surprised at how pleased you will feel with the results.


Normally your go-to option would be waste disposal, but if you want to preserve, reuse and be productive; here are a number of ways to do so creatively and still achieve your purpose:

1. Map-Themed Nails

This is a fun, unique way to reuse your old maps. With this technique, even your nails will be in keeping with your road trip theme. All you’ll need is white nail polish, a bit of alcohol, and a portion of your map. You can pick out which parts you want to see on your nails, and rub it on after dipping your nails in alcohol. A map patterned manicure is a quirky, interesting way to put your maps to use.

2. All-New Ephemera Pots

You can try the decoupage technique with the maps on your ephemera pots and make them brand-new. The decoupage technique entails gluing your design onto a flat surface and then varnishing it. It will be much the same with the maps; afterwards you can also paint the inside surface of the pot to match the map pattern. You can then use these pots for storing your travel trinkets.

3. Candle Wraps

Here’s a way to not only put your maps to use, but also utilize all those old candles you’ve got stocked in your cupboards. All this technique will require is a bottle of glue and a portion of map. You’ll just need to come up with a big enough piece that can wrap up the candle, and stick it on with the glue. This is a brilliant, innovative way to not only reuse but also decorate your mantle.

4. Stitch Your Way Through

Turn an old map into your personal piece of memorabilia; take a map that you once used during a memorable, exciting trip with friends or family, and stitch your way along the routes that you followed. Keep stitching till you reach your destination. A back stitch would be the easiest way to go. When you’re done, just fit your newly artsy map into a frame and hang it up wherever you want.

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