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Top 5 Destinations to Visit before You Die

When you start doing your bucket list, you definitely need to add some destinations for travelling too. And considering the planet Earth is quite a big place, there is no shortage of destinations you want to include. But the most important ones should be places that you don’t see yourself taking a trip to, places that you definitely have to go out of your way to visit. These are the types of destinations which have to seen by everyone around the globe and are worth every penny spent on tickets and admission fees. And here are five of these special candidates:

#1 – Sydney Opera House (Australia)

Not everyone has vacations in the land down under. But you should definitely take a trip there and – despite the heat, the long walks, the long travel time, the predators, and some of the Bogans – see the absolute beauty that the Sydney Opera House represents. It is a jewel of architecture that was definitely built ahead of its time and it is worth the one-time visit. And make the visit worth your while by entering it and even watching one of the performances – it’s not restricted only to opera, don’t worry.

#2 – The Louvre (France)

This is the world’s most visited museum and there is a reason for that. No, it’s not the Mona Lisa. The museum also has nigh 400,000 other art pieces that can grasp your attention, ranging from Middle Age arts, to stunning paintings, to Ancient Egyptian antiques. There is no shortage of things to see once inside, and the Louvre should definitely be on your list. You can get lost inside this tremendous building and spend hours upon hours of examining artefacts.

#3 – Machu Picchu (Peru)

With over 2,000 visitors a day, Machu Picchu is a bustling place and part of both modern age and history, and it provides all its visitors with stunning views. The scenery is perfect, the walks in nature are astounding, and you can get acquainted with all sorts of historical facts about the Inca Empire and the rest of the activities in these amazing ruins.

#4 – Yellowstone National Park (USA)

This is probably the best volcano site you can go to and enjoy. This is a place of beauty and, unlike the previous entries on the list, something that nature created single-handedly. Geysers, hot springs, animals, geothermal activity, it has everything that you want if you want something to catch your eye. It is among the most popular places in the USA and one of the most fabled spots worldwide. A definite must-see for geologists as well.

#5 – Mount Fuji (Japan)

And speaking of creations of nature, here is another mountain, this one still above ground. Mount Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2013. It is a place where one can appreciate nature’s true beauty: it has five lakes, eight Shinto shrines, and the astonishing Shiraito Falls. This is where some of the earliest literature in Japan was written when Fuji-san sat and smoked near Honshu and dabbled in prose and poetry. It is among the most visited places in the world today and once you go there, you will know why for sure.

The world is a wonderful place and each of these wonders shows you why. If you are to make a bucket list, then take a trip to any one of them and enjoy the scenery, the art, the people, the culture, the nature, and everything else that these amazing destinations offer. No point in hesitating here.

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