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Top 5 Summer Events in the UK

The United Kingdom will always have its events to keep all the residents and tourists on their toes, wondering what could come next. Well, the summer of 2016 holds a lot of surprises for all who want to be entertained, and you would do well to browse what they are and enjoy the festivities with the thousands of others who will not pass the chance to have fun. UK events are always on a grand scale and are all-inclusive, so the doors are always opened for a bigger crowd and even more participants. Free up your schedule, do the research and see what awaits the pedestrians in the British streets this summer. You are in for a big surprise, surely!

And to help you with making a choice about joining in, here are five selected summer events that might be just what you are looking for:

#1 – Glorious Goodwood

If you are a fan of the horse races, then you will absolutely love this. Between July 27th and 31st, West Sussex’s Goodwood Racecourse will await everyone who wants to dress classy and enjoy the competitive spirit of 28 big, strong, healthy, and definitely fast animals ready for the charge of their lives. And there probably will be jockeys too, trying not to fall off the speeding horses. Take your place among the classy formalwear of the crowd, sit somewhere between Derby and Royal Ascot and watch as the horses pass you by with amazing speed.

#2 – Summer House Weekend

If you ever wondered what it is to be a dryad or a tree spirit, then the Summer House Weekend between the 14th and 17th August will show you. Fancy clothes, morning raves, hot tubs, meditation, communal spirit: this is what you can expect from this weekend that once started as a birthday party and went wild. People meet and greet, get together and get to know each other. This is an intimate activity that brings people together and creates friends and something more. Be ready and keep checking the website of the Weekend in anticipation for the location to be revealed.

#3 – Audi International Polo Day

What are you doing on July 28th? If you are free, then go to Windsor Great Park, Surrey, and enjoy the festivities there. What is going on? Well, that is up to the riders. Yes, horses will be in abundance this summer as another set of players engage in a game of polo. Animals, sports, sporty figures, dynamic games – all this is waiting for you just around the corner. Get a ticket early and join the crowd to enjoy the precision and speed of this beautiful game. You will probably be able to see such a thing only in England.

#4 – Zombie Infection

If you love zombie flicks, then this event would be tailor made for you. You can live through all your dreams (and nightmares) with visits to Nottingham, Leicester, or Sheffield on numerous dates during the summer. This is a festival that includes roaming zombies which you will have to escape from in order to survive. Test your skills, train your endurance and become part of the fun in the form of prey or zombie in the infected streets of the party. Live through the horrors you’ve seen in the Night of the Living Dead or The Walking Dead, or simply have as much fun as Simon Pegg’s company did in Shaun of the Dead and run mad and away from all the brain-eating pedestrians.

#5 – Beer by the River 2016

If you like beer, then this is definitely the place you want to be. Go to Morden, London on the 2nd and 3rd of September this year to say goodbye to the summer with a grand beer fest organised by Sambrook’s Brewery and The National Trust. Mile-long tables, numerous barmen and -maidens, guest breweries, and buckets, casks, barrels, and tonnes of beer are all waiting just for you to get in line and have a pint. Enjoy the best beers in the UK by the riverside where you get the best view. Enjoy the company of thousands of other beer-lovers and spend quality time with friends discussing the variety of brew and which lager is better. This is an important decision that needs making, this year!

This summer will not be a boring one. These are just a miniscule part of all the activities that will be going on in the entire UK and you have a hard choice to make: where do you want to be. Gather as many options as you can and sit down with family and /or friends to make this important decision. And after that go wild and become part of the fun along with all the rest of the crowd.

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